Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tricks of the Trade

If you're new to the freebie world, let me help you. 
Listed below are a few tricks of the trade.

1)Never give your credit card info to get a free sample...NEVER EVER 

2)Get a low balance Visa Gift Card for things that cost only a few dollars or cents, so you don't run the risk of getting over charged, signed up for a paid subscription, or heaven forbid scammed.

3)Don't give your real phone number on a free sample, unless you want phone calls, it's okay to give it out for a sweepstakes or instant win games (IWG) because they may need it to contact you if you won a large prize.

4)If you do not want to receive emails from companies, be sure to check/uncheck the boxes that say you don't want to receive communications from them OR create a different email address to use for samples only.

5)Zip code trick: If you ever encounter a freebie where it's only available in certain states, do the zip code trick, fill your address in, when it comes to the state put a different one, and then put in YOUR zip code. The post office goes by zip code NOT state.

6) Like to read and/or listen to music, but don't have the cash to splurge on them? Get Free music and e-books from Amazon

7) If you or someone you know is in the military, ask places you go if they offer military discounts (it's usually 10%) with a valid military I.D. Some movie theaters offer it, feed stores, restaurants (taco bell, kfc does in my area) don't be embarrassed to do it, if they offer it you may as well take advantage of it. 

8) Here's a list of Holiday Shopping Tips

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