Thursday, April 27, 2017

H&A Quality(Quick-E) Headlight Restoration Kit Review

Headlight Restoration Kit Review

My husband had bought a used car last year and the headlights were very yellowed, to the point they were almost worthless while driving at night, so..dangerous. He was actually thinking about buying new headlights, which is a couple hundred dollars.

Instead of him buying new headlights, I decided to apply and test H&A Quality(Quick-E) Headlight Restoration Kit this winter. Yes, I'm very late in writing a review, but living in Vermont the winters are pretty bitter and today is the first predictable nice day we've had.

The H&A Quality(Quick-E) Headlight Restoration Kit restores your headlights, from dirty, foggy, scratched, or yellowed headlights, in 3 easy steps, there's nothing abrasive, no endless buffing and polishing, absolutely no skills needed, anyone can do it and in less than a minute!
The kit includes two cleaning cloths (one for each front headlight), a drying cloth, a polishing wipe, glove, and instructions. Using the kit is very easy, just clean each headlight with the cleaning wipes, dry them off with the drying cloth, then use the polishing wipe, BAM done, and with a VERY noticeable difference.

So, I didn't get any before pictures because my husband put huge doubts in my mind that the restoration kit would NOT work, that the headlights were too far gone. The ONE time I listen to him...he was totally wrong.

Even after just wiping them down with the cleaning cloth I started noticing a big difference, but o-m-g after using the polishing wipe, they were like new, even cleaner then my new car's headlights. I am honestly amazed with this product and so was my husband. 

I would completely recommend this product, 100%. It's VERY easy to use, it costs about $20, but hey that's a lot cheaper then replacing the headlights or bringing your car somewhere to get them cleaned, and most importantly it works

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review, all my opinions are my own.

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