Saturday, January 16, 2016

KISS Lashes Review

I received KISS True Volume Lashes and KISS Strip Lash Adhesive (black) free from Influenster in exchange for my honest opinions.
Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe - 58325 Black

So, this was the first ever using/applying fake lashes and it was special to say the least. It started simple enough:

Step 1: Just put the adhesive on to the lashes, okay done.

Step 2: Put the lashes slightly above your eyelashes, not so much as to make it look like you have 2 sets of eyelashes, but to blend in with your eyelashes. You got it. Wait, what? How???!!!! It was touch and go I can tell you that. The outside of my eye fine, no problem, inside not so much, it doesn't curve that way! Applying these lovely lashes took a few tries, but hey once they were on, that was it.

In the end I used a little bit more adhesive then probably necessary, but since it was black and just looked like liquid eyeliner, if there was any gaps in it, I just filled it in with actual eyeliner. They looked really nice once they were on.

Taking them off was much easier then putting them on. I just peeled them off and wiped away the adhesive. No staining, no eyelash pulling.

I definitely wouldn't wear false eyelashes every day, but on special occasions, totally. I would recommend both products I tried. You can find KISS false eyelashes for under $4 and KISS Strip Lash Adhesive for around $15 at Walmart.

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Jingle VoxBox Review

I just received the best VoxBox from Influenster to date! It's called the Jingle VoxBox, inside was:

  • An itty bitty
    • My daughter loved the itty bitty Olaf, it's cute and tiny, the only downside is that they're $6.95 each. Sold exclusively at Hallmark.
  • Kiss Lashes and adhesive
    • These looked great once I got them on (took a few tries). The adhesive is black, so when I put a little too much on, it just looked like liquid eyeliner. They were easy to take off, very minimal pulling, and the adhesive rubbed off easily.  
  • Pure Ice nail polish
    • Went on very thick and smooth, I didn't even need another layer. 
  • A coupon for free Ore-Ida tots
    • Who doesn't love tater tots? Especially free ones. 
  •  NYC 24 hour eyeliner
    • I love NYC makeup, it's inexpensive, but goes on great and doesn't irritate my eyes, like some of the more expensive brands do. 
  • Biscoff cookies
    • YUM! That is all. 
  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
    • Really helped me with my dry, chapped hands. I live in Vermont and the winters are harsh. Cetaphil helped moisturize them back to a normal skin texture, so I'm no longer a red spotted alligator. I also used it on some dry areas on my face and it worked great, no irritation.
I received everything listed above free of charge from Influenster, in exchange for my honest opinions. 

If you're not a member of Influenster, join now, it's free!

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser Review

I requested to review Bar Keepers Friend (BKF) after seeing all of the amazing reviews and before and after photos of it. They sent me a gift basket of products to try and review.

The first product I used was the Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser. It's simple to use, just shake well, apply to a wet surface or damp sponge, use, then rinse off after a minute.

Since my kitchen and appliances are new, it took me awhile to figure out what to use it on, but I eventually found something buried deep in the pits of my cabinets. As you can see the muffin tin in the photo below is in horrible shape and has seen much better days, so this was the perfect candidate for BKF.

I put the BKF on the yellow side of a damp sponge and got to work, even after just the first swipe it was taking rust off. I only spent about 5 minutes trying to clean this tin up, so while it's not perfect and spotless, you can still see a HUGE difference. It went from rusty and a brown color to free of rust and silver again.

After using this product I have deemed it a miracle worker, never would I have imagined something would've cleaned rust like this. I fully recommend this product and will write more reviews on Bar Keepers Friend as I use the other products. I have a big project coming up in the spring and can't wait to see the results after using BKF.
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