Monday, May 23, 2011

Do you believe in IWG's or Sweepstakes? I sure do...

I started playing IWG's (instant win games) in November, a month after I started getting into freebies. I wasn't in so much skeptical, I just didn't think I had any luck. I was wrong, I have found in these past months that I have lucky streaks (I lose for about for 3 months and then have a month of wins about every other day).
I know that there are skeptics, when it comes to these games, that think they are fake, scams, rigged, etc. Here is a list to prove them wrong or to build faith in others to play often because remember if you don't play you can't win. Also I invite anyone/everyone to leave a comment below to let us know what you've won.

My list of wins (I keep a list):

  • Giant Fortune cookie from a Facebook photo contest from Fancy Fortune Cookies
  • Dog Treats from itsallfreeonline
  • Lollipops from itsallfreeonline
  • A Months supply (4 coupons) of toaster strudels (won 8 times)
  • A bag of Halls (won 10 times, in coupon form)
  • A box of Mentos from Candygeek (FB)
  • A jar of lollipops from Candygeek (FB)
  • An Unwind sample pack
  • Squiz cards from Freebies4Moms
  • 1 QT of Similac from the Similac sweepstakes
  • Jello Tshirts
  • Movie Tickets from Moviefone
  • Brownie Mix from Viewpoints FB
  • Select 55 hat from Budweisers FB
  • $55 prepaid card from Budweisers FB
  • Select 55 tshirt from Budweisers FB
  • $15 Starbucks card from TrackDailyDeals FB
  • $20 HSN GC from HSN's holiday game
  • Avon Flip for it from Avon Lady's FB
  • $50 GC to from Itsallfreeonline
  • Kids tennis pack (4 rackets and balls) from a tennis FB page
  • $5 Walmart GC from McDonalds Monopoly game
  • 2 Playstation Move bundles (2 move controllers, webcam, and game each) from MyCokeRewards
  • 12 pack of Coke (coupon) from a Coke/Hotel game
  • $10 General Dollar GC from a Dollar General game
  • $5 Starbucks card from a FB scratch and win game
  • Dentyne Gum from Dentynes FB
  • 2 Amazon GC's ($1.29 ea) from Dentynes FB
  • $10 Snapfish GC from Tyson
  • Pink ball from the Santa Claw
  • $30 in Sears GC's from their holiday game
  •  Xbox kinect game from Pepsi (sent UPC's and was randomly selected)
  • 2 $5 Wendy's GC's from Wendy's FB page
  • Snuggle bear from a Snuggle giveaway on their FB page
  • $25 GC Design to a FB page
  • Pepsi Tshirt
  • Hunts free item coupons from Hunt's game
  • Treat tower from Harry and Davids
  • Pizza from Tony's Pizza game
  • $25 prepaid card from Statefarm
  • Stouffers free item coupons from their FB
  • Free month of Netflix from Popsecret (x's 2)
  • Tshirts from Bookrenter
  • Bubble bath and lip gloss from Not Soap Radios FB page
  • Feed Your Face book, pepper spray, reflective bands, and hat from Reflex bands FB page (all won at seperate times)
  • Lindt Chocolates from ViewPoints FB
  • Bottle Cap necklace from a FB page
  • $20 HSN GC from HSN game in March
  • Highlighter from Bookrenter
  • Signed Cold Tangerines book from a FB page
  • 2 Montana silversmith beltbuckles from Malboro
  • Body Icing from ME!bath
  • Motivational books (4) from a FB page
  • $100 check from Marlboro
  • Cleanser from Kinerase FB page
  • Ziploc package from Right@home
  • $25 itunes GC from Tony's pizza
  • The Bridge Club signed book from a FB page
  • $25 in NBA GC's from statefarm
  • Digital Keychain from 1saleaday's FB page
  • $20 Visa card from Camel
  • Ipod from
  • State Park Pass from a local FB page
  • A bra from Barely There's FB page
  • Mugs from Tassimo's FB page
  • A gift pack for me and 4 of my friends from Dove's FB page
  • A childrens book from Glottogans FB page
  • A Tshirt from Smirnofs FB page
  • Free icecream coupon from Blue Bunny
  • Tote bag from Boushe and Lomb
  • Free Movie Tickets from Kroger via GC
  • Free Movie Tickets from Green Lantern game via GC
  • $5 Visa card from Subway
  • $15 MP3 GC from Visa Prepaid
So the lesson of the day, is don't give up, keep playing. Your going to lose more then you win, but if you don't try you'll never win. Goodluck!

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

NoMoreRack Review

NoMoreRack (NMR) is on online store that has 8 new products everyday at a very discounted price and shipping is only $2! Sounds great right, eeeeing wrong. I have never dealt with a "store" this bad, ever. Please let me explain: