Friday, October 22, 2010

Fancy Fortune Cookies

Recently I won a Giant Fortune Cookie from Fancy Fortune Cookies, I received it today and I had all I could do not to open it before my husband got home.

I was pleasantly surprised by it. First of all I won it on Monday and received it today (Friday) by UPS. It was packed in two boxes, the packing box and inside a nice white box wrapped in bubble wrap, filled with red confetti paper, so needless to say the fortune cookie was completely intact when received. 

When I unwrapped it the first thing I noticed was how good it smelt, chocolate coating and vanilla cookie, yum! I then broke it in half to show my husband the custom fortune inside, which said "Look what I won honey, a giant fortune cookie!", lol.

Then I had to figure out a way to eat it; I tried biting into it and it kind of flung pieces around, so then I put it back in the bag and smashed it into small bite sizes. All I can say is that everything was so fresh, you know how sometimes (most of the time) you get a stale fortune cookie from Chinese restaurants?...not with these fortune cookies, I don't think I can eat another Chinese fortune cookie now that I've tasted a Fancy Fortune Cookie. The vanilla cookie was thick and crunchy, while the chocolate was smooth and delicious, and the M&M's were fresh.

This cookie is so tasty and delicious, I recommend it to anyone, especially as a gift because you get the custom fortune inside, which saves you the 20 minutes it would take you to pick out a card =D

Fancy Fortune Cookies have an array of different fortune cookies (big and small, many different flavors) with a very friendly staff, so check them out today at I personally give this company two thumbs up.


  1. HOW did you win this?! I'd die. I LOVE IT!! =]

  2. Fancy Fortune Cookies was doing a giveaway on their facebook page, you'll have a chance to win one from me sponsored by them once we reach 500 fans on my facebook page

  3. SO hope I win that!! Will it be random?

  4. You should be able to pick your own, I was able to :)

  5. No, I meant the winner on your page. =P

  6. All I do is send your name to the company and they email you about your order

  7. julia smith lobono
    sure hope i win this for my daughter...she hates chinese food but loves the fortune cookies...