Sunday, May 1, 2011

NoMoreRack Review

NoMoreRack (NMR) is on online store that has 8 new products everyday at a very discounted price and shipping is only $2! Sounds great right, eeeeing wrong. I have never dealt with a "store" this bad, ever. Please let me explain:

My first order, NMR had ties for sale $1 (+$2 shipping), they had multiple pictures of groups of ties, therefore I thought I would be getting a group of ties for $3 total, I thought it was a great deal, the type that is too good to be true, so I even made sure to read the description and the way they made it sound, I would be getting a group of different ties. Well when I received my order over 2 weeks later, I received ONE blood red floral tie, so I emailed and told them what I had expected and they emailed me back apoligizing and refunded me $5. So I thought to myself, "Well this seems like a really good company to do that."

After deciding this was a decent company to deal with, I promoted them on facebook during one of their promotions, I ended up referring 35 people which was supposed to get me a My Little Pony playset. This was in January, it is now May and I'm still waiting for it, although they did email me saying that it was cancelled because they didn't have it and they would credit my my account with what?? I didn't pay anything, so I emailed them and after a week I finally got a response apoligizing and if I wanted they would replace it with a Dora the Explorer one, that was 6 weeks ago and I'm still waiting, oh and I've emailed them at least 6 times and I have not heard from ANYONE about it.

By the time I decided to make my second order, I had $25 worth of credits accumulated (they are REALLY good about giving credits and you'll soon see why), to use any of those credits I had to have at least $20 worth of merchandise, so I grabbed two surprise bedding bags (twin @ $9 each) and a bracelet for $5, my total came to $29, which was $4 out of pocket after the credits. Great deal right??? eeeing! A few weeks later I received a package and the only thing in it was the bracelet, my exact words "REALLY...?" So I emailed them and called them, and they apoligized and said they didn't know what was going on, so I kept on them for 2 weeks and then someone finally said the surprise bedding would be shipped out that Wednesday, after Wednesday had come and gone, I emailed them again, no response but the next day a shipping label was created, after waiting 2 days for it to ship, I emailed them again, I didn't get a response, so I emailed them a few days later, no response but that email was a little meaner and my package was sent 2 days after that. I finally received my package after waiting at least a month for the rest of my order (that I probably wouldn't have gotten if I didn't email them). Now let me back up a little, when I read surprise bedding I thought it was a set of sheets or something, WRONG! I received 2 different colored bedskirts, what went through my head? "What the f*&$????"

Do you want to hear the best part? You'd think after all the hastle and hardship I went through with them, I would have quit while I was behind, wrong. One weekend (a few weeks before I got my surprise bedding) they had mystery boxes. The description said it would be packed full and awesome, but a surprise, they had 8 different boxes, ranging from $4 to $25. My mom and I had enough credits on our accounts to get 2 (1 each) of the $25 boxes and only having to spend $3-$5 each. I was so excited to get these because I LOVE surprises. Our packages shipped out pretty quickly (for once) and when mine arrived, I opened it like a 5 year old on Christmas day and almost cried. Inside was one of the worlds ugliest purses, it was beige faux crocodile, with a plastic bamboo tassle and leopard lining and guess what my mom got? The same thing! (I was REALLY close to actually crying when she told me what she got). So that's what we got for a $25 box ugly purses with no brand that were made in China, that looked like they were from the dollar store. Did I mention the only thing in the box was the purse (oh and paper), so much for it being chock full of goodies. PS I emailed them about this (twice) and haven't heard back at all.

What have we learned about NMR today?
1) They usually have decent customer service
2) They are quick to apoligize and give credits (for "special" occasions and apoligies)
3) Shipping is usually slow as molasses
4) If you don't email them, you won't hear from them
5) They twist the words in their descriptions, so that it sounds like you are getting the best thing for the absolute lowest price, but you get nothing special and you are probably over paying.

All in all, this is my experience with NoMoreRack and it was/is horrible, the only reason I even keep checking them out (but WILL NOT promote), is because I still have credits and I hate wasting free stuff, even though buying from them is exhausting, tedious, and like pulling teeth. If you shop/shopped at NMR and have only had good experiences, keep it up, you're lucky, but I will never suggest this company to anyone again, unless it's to my worst enemy.


  1. I bought 3 pair of pearl earrings from them...waited waited they didnt come wrote them they will be shipped ..waited waited nothing wrote them again they are having issues it will be a couple of weeks waited again still no earrings they gave me a credit soooo I dont buy anything from them from now on...

  2. I bought a bag back in March (which i have to say is STILL processing!) I wrote them about it and they said they were waiting for their shipment to come in and once it did i would get my bag. I checked a few days ago to see if maybe it would have shipped by now and to my surprise nope it hasn't and not only has it NOT ships, it's STILL not processed and then on top of that the bag that it now pictures isn't even the one i ordered to begin with! I ordered a brown over sized bag. The "new" bag that it says i'm buying is by the same maker but it a small BLACK bag and of course they won't let me cancel it and no one has gotten back to me. I'm glad I had credits and didn't pay out of pocket.

  3. Nomorerack is HORRIBLE! While I do applaud them for giving me credits with my unhappiness with past orders-- I've yet to post my photos, but I received a smeared/cracked backing to my butterly YvesSaintLaurent makeup lipstick compact and the box was damaged. I forgot to add the mystery boxes I received to make them give my credits back-- a child's bracelet, a "Made in CHINA" belt-- a joke!! will never wear either and the Yves Saint Laurent compact which was damaged. All of this which was not what the descriptions had listed on the surprise/mystery boxes.
    The last shoes that were supposed to be a replacement order the box was bent all to heck like it had been tossed around and the shoes didn't fit even though there were a 7.5 -- the listing did NOT say the shoes run big like other sites might. A tie I'd ordered the fiance was NOT designer, but rather just "brand name". I'm done with this company!
    Their other company, bidrack? is a joke too-- sending out "bids" all the time even though I've unsubscribed and if you win something you have to pay outrageous shipping. They charged my card for S&H on bids! I won an item and after seeing the shipping I refused to pay.