Saturday, July 12, 2014

Influenster Freeman Beauty Campaign Review

I was given the opportunity to review a FREEMAN's Bare Foot Spa Professional product by redeeming a free item coupon sent to me by Influenster. I redeemed the coupon at my local Walmart, where I found the product in the beauty section for $2.97 for a 5.3 oz tube.

The  Bare Foot Spa Professional Moisturizing Massage Cream is "a dual action massage cream for mind & body balance." The description on the back reads as follows, "Enjoy mind and body benefits with our silky massage cream that helps ease tension and stress while rejuvenating skin. Hydrating Coconut Oil provides deep moisturization to eliminate dryneess, and our triple-botanical ReCapture Complex helps eliminate toxins, restore essential nutrients, and reinvigorates with antioxidants."

The Bare Foot massage cream has a medium scent, not overly strong, but you can definitely smell it. To me it reminds me of some cucumber shaving cream I used to have, which isn't bad, but not my favorite.

What's nice about this product is that there's no prep or multiphase process, just "gently massage into dry skin using your fingertips in circular movements." The massage cream goes on smoothly, it is thick, but rubs in easily. I only used it on one foot to see if there was a difference and there is, my right foot, which I used it on, feels and looks smoother and it's cool with a slight tingle, almost like they put menthol in it.

Over all I like the way this product makes my feet feel; it does honestly make my feet feel refreshed. Like I said before I'm personally not a fan of the scent, but it's a nice treat for my feet and for only $2.97 you can't go wrong, so I would personally recommend the Bare Foot Spa Professional Moisturizing Massage Cream.

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