Friday, November 14, 2014

Gift Card Deals

Listed below are companies that are offing bonus items when you buy a certain monetary value in gift cards.

I will post more as they become available.

Don't forget, you can split gift cards up. For example if you need to buy $50 in gift cards to receive the bonus, you can get 5 $10 cards or however else you want to split them.
  • Apple-bees- Buy $50 in gift cards and get a free $10 bonus card
  • Ben & Jerry's- Free scoop of ice cream with gift card purchase over $10
  • Chili's- Get a $10 bonus card with every $50 gift cards purchase
  • McDonald's- Buy $25 in Arch cards and get a coupon for a free 10 piece nugget
  • Menchies- Get a $5 bonus card when you buy $25 in gift cards
  • Moe's- Buy $25 in gift cards get a $5 card
  • Red Lobster- Get a $5 coupon for every $25 in gift cards you purchase
  • The Children's Place- Buy $40 in gift cards in a single transaction and get a $10 coupon

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