Friday, February 18, 2011

Lip Heaven-Not Soap Radio Lipgloss Review

Last night I was talking to my husband, while going through my makeup case (I do random things at the most random times, this was at 11:30pm) and I grabbed my small pile of lipglosses. You see, I'm a lip gloss feind; it's my most adored article of make up.

I found five lipglosses in my bag (I know I have more somewhere) and they are all almost the same shade, I found that being blonde with pale skin, pinkish peach is "My" color from the show "What Not To Wear." As I was looking at the different lipglosses I own, Victoria Secrets limited edition Coke (it's shimmer pink, that tastes and smells like soda), Covergirl AmazeMint (makes my lips tingle), BurtsBees (darker then I'd really like), BurtsBees (clear), I noticed I had one I hadn't even opened yet by Not Soap Radio.

I usually only wear lipgloss when I go somewhere, other then just out and about, when I want to get noticed or feel sexy. Since I haven't wanted to or felt like doing that lately I haven't opened my new lipgloss, which I've had since December! I received it from a giveaway that Not Soap Radio was hosting on Facebook and just threw it in my makeup bag and forgot about it, until last night.

So, back to talking to my husband. While I policed up my lipglosses, I was telling him how much I loved them and how I only liked to wear it once in awhile, he just nodded and said "Yep, I know, you're fricken hot when you wear it." That's when I noticed my Not Soap Radio lipgloss unopened and calling to me, so I took the plastic off and applied.

All that came to mind when I put it on was O-M-G! It was awesome! When I looked at the tube, the lipgloss looked like a medium soft pink (the name is called Cokie), but when I put it on it's was almost sheer, so it made my natural lip color pop, but then it added a little something extra. It looked like mother of pearl on my lips, I don't know how else to describe it, it just had a pearl like sheen to it, it was amazing.

I looked at my husband and told him I LOVED this lipgloss and he asked what it was called, so I started reading the tube, which said "KISS loquaciously whisper with WIT talk SMART POUT ponderously Not Soap Radio lips Cokie" He was like "It really used the word loquaciously..." Yep, lol. After that, he told me that I looked hot and started grabbing at me, so I had to slap him away a few times, threw my lip glosses back in my bag, and ran lol.

In conclusion, because I have to go feed my daughter, I highly recommend this brand of lipgloss, it's honestly the best I've ever used. If you want to learn more about the Not Soap Radio brand, check out their Facebook page, where you can also have a chance to win some of their product or samples, through their frequant giveaways. Goodluck and enjoy!

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