Sunday, April 22, 2012

Diamond Candles Review

Diamond Candles was gracious enough to send me a Strawberry Bliss Diamond Candle free of charge, to try and review. In no way did this influence my review or opinion on this product.

Let me start off by saying I'm REALLY excited to be doing this review, I'm a Surprise-aholic, if there is any type of surprise or mystery involved in something I want it, lol, and each Diamond Candle, which are Earth friendly and all natural soy candles,  has a ring in it worth between $10 and $5000!

Upon opening the box that contained the diamond candle, it took all the will power I had not to grab a butter knife and unbury the ring that was so close to the top of the candle. Instead I was a good girl and decided to be patient, letting the candle burn until the ring was ready to be plucked out.

After I took the lid off, I noticed the fantastic smell of the Strawberry Bliss candle (it smelt like a strawberry lollipop), I trimmed a little bit of the wick off, and lit it. Within 10 minutes the smell of the candle drifted into the living room from the kitchen, I can tell you right now it's a good thing my daughter was given lollipops for Easter or I would've eaten the candle, lol.

In just a few hours the wax melted just enough to go for the ring! Using tweezers I was able to pull the ring out. I used a napkin to wipe the wax off the golden, protective tinfoil, once it was cleaned off, I excitedly unwrapped it. Inside the tinfoil was a little ziplock baggy that held a beautiful ring.

While it was only a $10 ring in my candle, you can see the high quality of it. The only negative I found with this, was that somehow the wax seaped through the tinfoil and the baggy. Obviously Diamond Candles has gone through lengths to prevent this from happening, but some things can't be helped, plus it's not that hard to clean, since the soy wax is soft, the only difficult part was trying to get the wax out of the facets.

All in all I recommend buying at least one Diamond Candle in your lifetime, especially if you like surprises and jewelry like I do. To see the types of rings that people have gotten out of their candles, click HERE.

Diamond candles are $24.95, plus shipping and handling, (It may seem pricey for a candle, but remember they have a ring in each candle worth between $10 and $5000) from their online store. They DO accept Paypal, so if you don't have a credit card, don't worry you can still get one. Also if you buy one from their online store you will receive a $5 coupon code you can share with your friends.

OR you can buy one through Amazon for $24.95 and if you spend .05 more on something you'll get FREE shipping with Super Savers Shipping, I know many of my followers receive Amazon gift cards from participating in Swagbucks, where they earn points by simply using the Swagbucks search engine and then redeeming those points for gift cards (450pts=$5 Amazon GC).

Thanks Diamond Candles for a great product, it was a complete pleasure to review!


  1. i had heard about these candles but i never knew they had rings in them! :) thats awesome! i will deff be looking into buying one some time in the near future! thank you so much for posting your review! :)