Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sodastream Review

SodaStream was kind enough to send me a Fountain Jet Starter Kit and bottles of mix, free of charge, to try and review. In no way did this influence my review or opinion on this product.

My Reason:
I wanted to try this product because I'm growing more aware of how much waste there actually is in everyday life and while I do recycling (to the point where it drives my husband nuts sometimes), I'm tired of him "forgetting" and me having to pick bottles out of the trash. Not only is recycling a factor, but buying soda is a waste of money, especially when there is half a can left that no one is going to drink because it sat out over night (I'm guilty of it, I admit it).

My household goes through a case of soda a week (at least), which is 12 cans usually $5 a case, the SodaStream carbonator can make between 60 or 110 liters, equivalent to 170 or 310 aluminum cans, which is 14-25cases costing between $70-$125, which is enough to BUY a SodaStream system.

My review:

I was finally able to motivate myself to clear a spot in my kitchen, so that I could try out this awesome, environmentally friendly product. As I stated above, SodaStream sent me this product to review and it's been sitting in the box in my kitchen for almost 2 months now. I'm the type of person that doesn't like to set things up in fear of breaking it or not doing it correctly (I have extensive experience in both), so I was waiting for my husband to do it, but he's been too busy with his new store to have the time.

After growing tired of waiting and more importantly wasting money on bottled soda (almost $2 for a 20 oz bottle is a little much, I need to be saving that money for things like gas, which is over $4 a gallon in my area), I tentatively unpacked the system. One of the really nice things about the packaging, is that it's minimal and there isn't any styrofoam to deal with.

The contents included:
  • Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker
  • 1 60 liter Carbonator
  • 1 Carbonating Bottle and Cap
  • Soda mix Variety 6 pack
  • Manual/Paperwork

The machine is light weight and fairly simple to assemble, especially since there aren't any cords or batteries needed! The only issue I found was that the directions are somewhat difficult to follow. The diagram is on page 1 and the English instructions are on page 22, to be honest the diagram was difficult to follow and the instructions left parts out because those were the parts the diagram was supposed to show you.

To sum the assembly part up:
  • Push the tilt button
  • Take the bottle out
  • Turn it around and take the back plate off by squeezing the two buttons on the side
  • Bring the CO2 bottle up through the hole in the bottom and screw it in tightly (DO NOT use tools to tighten) NOTE: To take the Cap off the CO2 bottle, gently lift up with a butter knife
  • Replace the back plate

To make the beverages:
  • Fill the provided bottle with chilled water (ONLY, do not add the flavor yet)
  • Press the tilt button and screw the bottle in
  • Release the tilt button and press the gray carbonation button 3 times (listen for a buzz), pausing after each "squirt" of carbonation
  • Tilt and unscrew the bottle
  • To add flavor, read the directions on the flavoring package, then shake gently

After my first attempt, I found that there wasn't enough carbonation (I think I was supposed to listen for a buzz not just the sound of the cabonator, I admit I was pretty nervous, like I said I break things lol), that I needed to use colder water, and it was a little to strong, it was like drinking a warm, almost flat, over flavored soda.

Now that it's all set up and I have a much better understanding of how it's supposed to work (and I'm not afraid to break it), I don't think it should take more then a few minutes to make a bottle of soda. I'm really excited to keep trying until it's perfect and try the other flavors I have. I'll let you know how things turn out, needless to say there is more review to come!

(An hour later) I just made some lemon-lime soda and this time I waited for the "buzz", such a BIG difference, the noise is definatly intimidating like you're over sharpening a pencil, but it lets you know to LET GO, lol. To be on the safe side, I did an extra "squirt", yeah I'll stick to 3 CO2 squirts from now on. It made the soda SUPER fizzy to the point where it actually over powered the flavor; I took a drink 5 minutes ago and I still feel it on my tounge, that's how much of a difference that little extra did.

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  1. Great Review. Very thorough. That's great that you got a copy for free!