Sunday, May 27, 2012

Moppy Review and Giveaway

I received Moppy by Natural house free of charge, to try and review. In no way did this influence my review or opinion of this product.

 After I swept my floors (because dirt and water equal mud, my dad taught me that one, lol), I filled a bucket full of hot water and dropped one of the tablets in. The directions state that Moppy’s foaming action should go to work in 5-10 seconds…that wasn’t really the case. It bubbled for a few seconds and then after a minute or so it kind of created a little foam, but you could still see the dissolved mush of a tablet on the bottom of the bucket. So, I took my mop and stirred it a little and it started to foam.

I then proceeded to mop my kitchen floor and it worked great! All the spots of spilt juice from either my daughter or husband came right up with minimal effort. Seeing that it worked so well gave me the motivation to mop the rest of my house and I’m proud to say I now have spot free floors (except the stickers my daughter thoughtfully placed on the floor, I don’t feel like dealing with those right now).

The two issues I have with this product are:

 The directions don’t tell you whether you should use hot, cold, or warm water, they just say:
  1. Toss a Moppy probiotic packet into about 1 gallon of water.
  2. Watch Moppy’s foaming action go to work for 5-10 seconds
  3. Soak mop or automatic scrubber in solution.
  4. Scrub floor and watch your probiotic revolution begin

And the other issue, which isn’t a big deal, is that the package says that it has an “Orange Mint Scent,” but to be honest I didn’t smell anything. I’m one of those people that likes it to smell when I’ve cleaned, so when my husband walks in the house, he can actually tell I did something that day, lol, I need praise once in a while.
Now that the mopping is finished and the floors are dry, I can see the final results: CLEAN! I am very impressed with this product and would recommend Moppy to anyone, especially if they are looking for a mess free, simple, efficient mopping agent.

Before                                                                                                    After

Moppy Floor Cleaner and Scrubber by Natural House:
  • Works using Natural Probiotic Action 
  • Is phosphate free  
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Non-toxic  
  • Biodegradable
  • Professional strength 
  • It comes in a month supply (4 tablets)  
  • The probiotics work all week maintaining an odor and germ free household, until the next weekly treatment  
  • And is safe for use on multiple surfaces (high-gloss surfaces, terrazzo, marble, slate, tile, and finished hardwood surfaces)

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