Sunday, June 24, 2012

Plus Size Costume Super Center Review

Plus Size Costume Super Center sent me a costume free of charge, in no way did this affect my opinion of this company.

Let me start off by saying I'm in no way a small girl, I'm...ah, on the larger side, I mean I'm not so big that the scale groans every time I get on (either that or it knows I'd chuck it across the room lol), but I definitely have a hard time finding clothes that fit me properly or are form flattering.

While it's hard for me to find clothes that fit, it's even harder to find a costume that fits, I don't even want to think about trying on those costumes from Spencer's (you know what I'm talking about the Playboy bunny, the sexy cop, the promiscuous yodeler, etc), not to mention most of them say one size fits most...Yeah one size fits size 8 or smaller and I'm pretty sure an XL from them is a size 10. The only costume from there that would probably fit me would be the one size fits most beer can *rolls eyes*.

For years I have dreaded Halloween because I could never find a decent costume, so I jumped on the chance to review a costume of my choice from Plus Size Costume Super Center. When I started looking through their site, I noticed that they had a lot of different costumes and they were modeled by plus sized women, not teeny girls (don't you hate when things are modeled by size 2's, but they have size 16 as a size option and in your head you sarcastically say to yourself, yeah that's going to look the same on me).

As I was choosing the costume I wanted, I thought to myself, I want something sexy-ish that would cover the majority of my body, that my husband wouldn't be to embarrassed to walk around with me when I wore it. In the end I chose the Plus Size Venus Goddess of Love Costume ($36.98), which said that it fits sizes 16-20.

When the costume arrived in the mail, I admit I gasped a little because on the package it stated that the woman modeling the costume was 5'7" and size 16, I'm 5'4 and not a size 16 lol, I honestly thought it was going to look horrible on me, but I'm happy to report that I was wrong. The costume looked really good on me and not to toot my own horn or sound inappropriate, but my tata's looked pretty nice in it :) The costume is made out of 100% polyester, so it's very stretchy, which means you don't have to wedge it onto your body, it looks JUST like the picture, and it also came with the headpiece.

One of the best features of the costume is that the line that's supposed to go under your breasts, ACTUALLY goes under your breasts! It sounds a little weird to be excited about something like that, but if you're a larger breasted woman you know what I'm talking about, those lines don't always end up where they are supposed to, they can end up way higher making you look very awkward.

The only two downsides I found with this costume was that
1) It was pretty long on me (like I said I'm only 5'4), but that's not a big deal it can be hemmed or pinned (I'd rather have it too long then too short).
2) The trim bled onto the cream, but it's not really noticeable when I put it on and it matches the other burgundy, so it looks like it could be on purpose.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend shopping through this site if you are a plus sized man or woman looking for a costume that will actually fit AND look good. They also carry accessories, wigs, makeup, masks, and plus sized couples costumes.

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Side Note: I will add a picture of me in the costume soon, right now I don't have any one to take the picture and if I give the camera to my daughter I'll never see it again or just get a picture of my elbow