Friday, November 9, 2012

Craft Project for Christmas (or anytime)

Do you have a tight budget this year for the holidays?
Here is a great crafting project that is fun, easy, inexpensive, and practical. PLUS since it will be made by you, people will cherish it and keep it for years to come (great present for kids to give to grandparents).
What you'll need:

I found the majority of what I needed at Kmart, using my $15 gift card I received from my Smiley360 mission and some of the items at my local Dollar Store.
  • Mod Podge
  • Tissue Paper (any design as long as it's thin)
  • Scissors
  • A Small Glass Vase/Bowl ( I found these at Walmart in the craft section, they will look like a small fishbowl)
  • Potpourri (you should be able to find this at a dollar store)
  • SMALL strand of clear lights
  • Small foam paint brush
  • Strand of Ribbon (you may be able to find some at a dollar store) 
  • A Doily (I can't find these anywhere)
Once you buy all the materials you will have enough to craft many of these, if you make more then one the only thing you will have to keep buying are the bowls and the light strands.

  1. Cut tissue paper into 1.5x1.5" squares
  2. "Paint" a thin layer of Mod Podge over an area on the Glass bowl
  3. Place a piece of tissue paper over the Mod Podged area and paint another layer of Mod Podge over it
  4. Repeat this step until the entire outer area of the bowl is covered, including the bottom
  5. Let dry (about 30 minutes), I place the bowl upside down so nothing sticks to the table
  6. Add Potpourri to the bottom of the bowl, then circle the strand of lights inside around the bottom, cover the lights with more Potpourri, then cicle the light around, repeat until full and lights are no longer sticking out
  7. If you managed to find a Doily place over the top of the bowl
  8. Tie off with a ribbon (also ties down the lights)

As the lights heat up, it will warm the Potpourri and give off more of a scent.


This is the final result, it looks much prettier with the doily to finish it off,
but still looks nice without it.

These are great inexpensive gifts to give out, my grandmother still has the one I made for her 11years ago using snowman tissue paper.

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