Friday, November 16, 2012

Sears Portraits

Pictures for all Seasons

Since my daughter was born, I have REFUSED to pay $200 plus to get her pictures done, but I get them done every year for less then $35 and get over $100 worth of pictures. OMG how do I do that? Easy, I get them done at Sears, but I NEVER get one of their over priced packets.

At the end of the session, when we're looking at the final pictures, I hand them a coupon for a mini packet, which only costs between $7.99 and $12.99 (you're only allowed to choose one picture) and insist that's all I'm getting. They HATE those coupons and become not so nice after that, but stand your ground, they are YOUR pictures. If you like more then one get your FAVORITE, if you don't it costs $20 PER sheet.

When you go to pick up your pictures, they usually send more and they only cost $5 per sheet! I usually take all 5 sheets and combined with the pictures I already ordered have enough to give out to all my family members.

So, if you are on a tight budget this year, get some pictures done for less then $40 and hand them out as presents, grandparents love them and that's a perk of having a child, everyone can expect to get a picture of them until they're 18 and nothing more, lol.

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