Saturday, December 1, 2012

Scünci Ponytailer Bracelet Review

When I was asked to do this review, I of course said yes. I rock a pony tail for at least 65% of the day; I can only stand my hair down for so long. The main reason I accepted this review was because not only was it a hair tie, it was a hair tie I can wear on my wrist and not feel weird about it during a formal function, if I'm wearing nice clothes, or having pictures taken.

First of all do you KNOW how many pictures I've ruined because I've worn a hair (or two) on my wrist and forgot to take them off? A few...And I don't mean family pictures, I mean professional portraits. My Senior pictures were GREAT, I mean really good, except for one thing, I think I had 2 or 3 hair ties on my wrist and of course I was doing the hands under the chin pose, so it was pretty hard not to notice them.

Now that scunci has come out with Ponytailer Bracelet I don't have to worry about that anymore! They come in nine styles, that you can mix and match with outfits. The review company sent me two Ponytailer Bracelets (if you look at the pic below it was the two on the right). The first one I tried out was the last one in the picture below, I wore it to a wedding shower and it was great, it looked like a stylish bracelet and when I became sick of having my hair down, I used it to hold my ponytail. The only issue I had with it was one of the tiny decorative chains running through the loops broke off, but besides that it was fully functional.

Here are a couple pictures of what they look like on a wrist and in hair, I'd show you pictures of the metal one, but having a 2 year old daughter is hell on hair ties and to be honest I have no clue where it is.

In my opinion this is a great little product. They are cute and multifunctional. The hair tie portion is very elastic and soft, not at all stiff like other brands and the bracelet part doesn't impair putting the hair tie in hardly at all. Some repositioning has to be done, to get the hair tie pretty side up, but it's not difficult to do so. I was able to put it in my daughter's hair without any issues or tears, which is always a plus!

Girls will love them, and moms will be caught "borrowing" them. Since there are nine styles and I only have two, I'll have to head to Walmart and check the others out and see which ones will go best with my "nice clothes." The new scünci® Ponytailer Bracelet can be purchased for approximately $3.99 and is available at Walmart and CVS stores and since it's so close to Christmas these would make a great stocking stuffers!

For more info on scunci visit their:
Tis’ the season to be stylin’!
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I was asked to review and hold a giveaway for the new Scünci Ponytailer Bracelet. I was given two different styles of this product at no charge. In no way did this alter my view or opinion on this brand or product.


  1. Me and my 2 girls can't live without Scunci's that we have to share them! We would love to win.