Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Review

When I moved to the new house I'm in, I threw out my two office chairs, they were thoroughly used and this is going to be TMI, but my water broke on one of them when I had my daughter, lol, so yeah they were done. Anyway, I needed a new chair, but it was honestly the last thing on my mind with all the, were just going to say issues, I was going through at that time. So, for 6 months I was using a kitchen chair and boy was that terrible, within 5 minutes my legs would go numb because of cut off circulation, then when I would try to stand or walk, I'd have to 5 minutes for the pins and needles feeling to go away. God forbid someone knock on the door when I was sitting at my computer, I almost broke my ankle once trying to get to it not waiting for the circulation to return to my leg.

I first saw the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair on a blog review and for some reason I fell in love with it and had to have one, but honestly I was too cheap to buy one, I was also too cheap to buy any office chair, they were all around $75. But one day, one lucky day, the Balance Ball Chair showed up on Amazons Deal of the Day and I was able to get the chair I wanted for only $53 with free shipping!

After I ordered the chair, it showed up within the week and I put it together right away. It came with directions and workout guides, the chair, the yoga ball, and a nice air pump. Want to know something great about this chair? It took me 10 minutes to put together, that included filling up the Yoga ball! So easy. Another great perk to this chair is that you can have it firm or soft, if you want it firm fill it up as much as you can with air, softer take some air out.

I love it. The Gaiam Balance Ball chair is comfortable and offers back support (although I don't use it, I "perch" on it. lol). When I sit for long periods of time and need to move around a bit, I bounce and it takes away my restlessness. As you can see from the picture below I'm not the only one who loves it, I walked into the office to my daughter using her "computer" and sitting in my chair one day. It is funny though that when people come over and need to use my computer and see my chair, they get an instant WTF look and walk around it like it's going to bite them. Then after they cautiously sit in it, they're like "Oh! This isn't that bad," well duh, I wouldn't keep a torture device in my office (I keep those in the bedroom closet, bahahha, I kid? You'll never know).

I've been using my Balance Chair for a few months now and it's still great. It's sturdy and helps me maintain my posture while at the computer. My only complaint is that I do miss having armrests. My opinion? I would recommend getting a Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. Why? Because:
  • They're comfortable
  • It can be used to exercise, whether on or off the chair, since the ball is removable
  • The firmness can be adjusted easily
  • It can strengthen core muscles
  • And helps build a healthier back, align the spine, and relieve pain
A few notes:
  1. This chair does NOT adjust (except for the ball itself)
  2. I do NOT recommend this chair if you are under 5' tall, over 5'11" tall, or weigh over 300 lbs
  3. Every few weeks, the yoga ball will have to be given a few pumps of air

So, check them out, read some Amazon reviews and see if this is something for you :) 


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