Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ideas For The Free Samples You Receive

If you're like me, which is quite possible, since you're reading this and following my page, you get freebies in the mail. Some of those freebies you either don't use, plan to give them to a friend, or won't use them for a while. Personally, I give most of my freebies away or keep them in my closet in case I run out of a normal size product and need something in a pinch.

Well, listed below are two other options for the free samples we receive.

1. You know those samples of tums, band-aids, medicines and other random stuff you get in the mail? Make a mini first aid kit for your car, it's cheap/free and it might come in handy.You could also pick up a few small things from Walmart, like hydro-cortisone cream (.88), tape, and gauze, on the cheap.

2. The other option, is to take the free sample packets of shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, and other hygiene related items, put them in a plastic baggy with a granola bar and keep it in your car or purse. The next time you see someone that's homeless or down on their luck, give it to them. It will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling and will probably make their day.

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