Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tips for Visiting Disney

This April we went to Disney World in Florida. It was a must for my Disney enthusiast husband and Mary, just turning 5, would be able to remember it, so off we went.

While we were there for 2 days I learned these things:

1. Bring a stroller. If they fits, they sits.
If you're not from Florida, just go buy one at CVS for $10 and use it for however long you'll be there, because guess what it's $15 a day to rent a stroller at Disney. I ended up forgetting to buy one and had to rent one from them at the end of the day because Mary just couldn't walk anymore, she was exhausted from us dragging her all over trying to fit everything in.

2. Look at the weather forecast before purchasing your tickets.
We were there the first day for only 3 hours before a storm started. Which means a) We "wasted" money on 3 tickets, which is quite a bit of money b) We were drenched and for the most part miserable until we had hot showers and c) We had to cram everything into the second day, which is exhausting.
         2a. Bring cheap dollar store ponchos, because the ponchos they sell at Disney are $10

3. Bring your own food and water.
They do not allow alcohol, but you can bring whatever else. It gets HOT and you do not want to spend $3 every time you want a drink. And food *sigh* I spent $6 for a plain hotdog, $10 for a sandwich, $25 for 2 large and 1 small milkshake, etc.

4. If you're a smoker, bring what you need because they don't sell cigs at the parks.

5. If a sign says 20 minutes, it's usually less then 10.
We lucked out on so many rides, we waited less then 10 minutes for all the rides we went on. EXCEPT the Aerosmith ride and Space Mountain, those were almost a 30 minute wait.

6. The perfect times to go on the rides are during the parades and the fireworks. ZERO lines for 90% of the rides.

7. Another ride tip, use Fast Pass. DO NOT waste it on little rides like Ariel's Grotto. Use it for the rides like Space Mountain, Aerosmith, Tower of Terror, those have the longest wait times.

8. If your little one gets over heated, go to the Circus area in the Magic Kingdom. They have a Dumbo train that squirts water. My daughter had a blast playing in it.

9. We didn't see ANY character's out and about, we had to wait in long lines inside (which was at least air conditioned) for 45 minutes. This isn't really a tip, but a heads up.

10. Don't be shy about asking an employee to take a picture, they will and we were able to get more family shots of us, then we have combined in the past 5 years.

11. Oh, and Dawn reminded me...Shoes! Bring comfy shoes to walk in because oh baby will your dogs get tired.

The most important thing of all...Have fun! It was hot, exhausting, and expensive, but I wanted my daughter to have a great experience, so I did my best to relax and have a good time and we did. This definitely isn't going to be an every year occurrence, but we'll go again and take our previous experience with us.

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  1. We usually use our fastpass to meet the characters since they seem to have longer lines then the rides!