Sunday, November 22, 2015

All Organic Detox By Young Leaf Review

I've never done a Detox before, so I made a request to do the All Organic Detox By Young Leaf.

Think You Need A Detox?
By doing a Detox, it gives a much needed cleanse to your liver, kidneys, and overall body. Since over time, the toxins can build up and compound, leaving you feeling bloated, tired, or even sick. Having a Healthy Digestive System helps absorb nutrients much more efficiently, and improves physical and mental cognitive functions. Choosing to do an All Organic Detox will ensure that only natural and nutrient rich herbs enter you system, and help support your wellness goals. Which leaves your body feeling healthier, happier, and more vibrant than ever. Do a detox, lose the bloated tummy, and feel great again. Easy + Healthy Morning Ritual. Once a day, in the morning or afternoon.

Organic Green Tea, Organic Lemon Myrtle, Organic Linden Blossoms, Organic Holy Basil (Tusli), Organic Spearmint, Organic Rose Hips, Organic Ginger Root.

The Benefits Of Their Detox
Cleanse your body, Detoxify, and Lose Weight Safely with all natural support:

• Increase Metabolism
• Suppress Appetite
• Improve Digestion
• Eliminate Buildup Of Toxins
• Anti-Oxidant Properties
• Natural Energy Boost
• Improve Immune Function
• Improve Circulation

When I decide to do something, I don't think of the things I hate, I'm just like Oh, this sounds like a great idea. Like the time I bought a stationary bike, when I hate riding bikes or this time, when I really wanted to do a detox, but really really don't like tea, so poor planning on my part.

I will admit that I only did this detox for 3 days, my friend was letting me use her tea ball at work and when it came time for the weekend, I didn't have one and just kind of forgot about it. While I didn't do this detox for the recommended 2 weeks, I still noticed a few things:

  • You need a tea ball or infuser
  • I hate hot tea...HATE it, so I drank it luke warm.
  • It's loose tea and even in a tea ball, you still get some floaters, so I never drank the last bit
  • The flavor was okay. Smelling it straight out of the bag caused my eyes to water, but the flavor was pretty mild 
  • After the first day my pee was very dark yellow, I think that's a sign of it working?
  • It's exactly 2 weeks worth of tea, in a resealable bag to keep the freshness
The only think I didn't like about this product was that the directions on the bag were vague:

"Take one tablespoon of loose leaf tea and place it into an empty tea bag or tea infuser. Pour boiling water over tea and brew for 5-7 minutes. "

Short and sweet is great, but it didn't say how many times you should take it a day or what the preferred time to take it was (except for don't take it 4 hours before bed). They did send me an email with some frequently asked question in it, which clarified a few things like:

How often should I drink this? Does it have caffeine? 
Answer: Yes, the tea has caffeine because it has some green tea leaves inside of it. The best way to take our tea is in the morning or afternoon, as a "pick me up" or a pre-workout to get your day going. Avoid taking the tea 4 hours prior to sleep, because it may keep you awake.

Then on their Amazon page it said to use it once a day, but someone shouldn't have to dig to find the recommended usage of a product, so I think Young Leaf should really think about putting on the bag.

Would I recommend this, yes if you like tea. I believe that if I kept to it, I would've noticed a difference. The tea ball I ordered just came yesterday, so I'll give it a try again

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I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review, my opinions are my own.

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