Saturday, January 16, 2016

KISS Lashes Review

I received KISS True Volume Lashes and KISS Strip Lash Adhesive (black) free from Influenster in exchange for my honest opinions.
Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe - 58325 Black

So, this was the first ever using/applying fake lashes and it was special to say the least. It started simple enough:

Step 1: Just put the adhesive on to the lashes, okay done.

Step 2: Put the lashes slightly above your eyelashes, not so much as to make it look like you have 2 sets of eyelashes, but to blend in with your eyelashes. You got it. Wait, what? How???!!!! It was touch and go I can tell you that. The outside of my eye fine, no problem, inside not so much, it doesn't curve that way! Applying these lovely lashes took a few tries, but hey once they were on, that was it.

In the end I used a little bit more adhesive then probably necessary, but since it was black and just looked like liquid eyeliner, if there was any gaps in it, I just filled it in with actual eyeliner. They looked really nice once they were on.

Taking them off was much easier then putting them on. I just peeled them off and wiped away the adhesive. No staining, no eyelash pulling.

I definitely wouldn't wear false eyelashes every day, but on special occasions, totally. I would recommend both products I tried. You can find KISS false eyelashes for under $4 and KISS Strip Lash Adhesive for around $15 at Walmart.

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