Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free Credit Score Check

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If you are looking to find out what your credit score is, I suggest going through Credit's FREE and NO credit card number needed!

At first I wasn't sure about this, I'm always weary of giving out my personal information, but after doing a quick internet search and only finding positive things about Credit Sesame, I decided to give it a chance.

I entered my name, physical address and my SSN; after I hit submit it asked me verification questions, it then told me to choose a free option and after that was complete it instantly told me how much I owed monthly and what my credit score was.

I highly recommend using Credit Sesame it's very reliable, safe, and is VERY quick, the entire process took less then 5 minutes. ~Lindsey

Here is the wordy blurb they give:

Credit Sesame is a 100% free personal finance credit and debt management tool with no credit card required or trial period. Credit Sesame makes managing personal credit online, owing less in interest and saving on mortgage, loan & credit card payments easy! Credit Sesame makes managing personal credit online, owing less in interest and saving on mortgage, loan & credit card payments easy! It gives an instant view of consumer's credit, including Experian credit score, refreshed monthly & for free, & debt analysis with personalized offers tailored to consumer’s credit profile. – The best way to manage your credit, loans and debt – and it’s free is a free online personal finance tool that provides the best way for consumers to securely monitor their credit and save money on debt. 

Credit Sesame’s patent pending analytics engine, developed by scientists at Stanford University, automatically and securely reviews consumers’ debt, home loans, credit score and credit profile. Then, it analyzes their current debts and looks for alternative mortgages and loans which will help consumers save money. will help you:
  • Monitor your credit profile, home value and debt in one organized place Track your Experian credit score every month and always for free Get a complete savings analysis of your loans, mortgage and credit card debts Find pre-qualified, mortgage, credit card and loan options that will save you money Receive customized alerts that help you lower payments on your debts so you never miss a chance to save. 
  • Find savings with’s analytics
  • analyzes the lending market daily looking for savings options that match your unique credit profile so you’ll never miss a chance to save. To help you lower the cost of your debt, Credit Sesame uses the same kind of powerful financial analytics that banks use to optimize their bottom line – it’s time to turn that around and help you maximize your money. is always free and secure to use. There are no credit cards required, no trial periods and no gotchas to sign up. We’ll update your credit score and debt profile for free, every month. 

Finally, to make certain that you receive unbiased savings options for your unique credit needs, is only compensated when you close a loan.

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