Saturday, August 25, 2012

State Park Review-Knights Point

The second park I visited was Knights Point in North Hero, for my family reunion. It was such a great day with perfect weather and family. Every year for the past 20+ years my family has rented the overhead shelter, while today it was used for shade, in the past it has been used for protection against some wicked rain storms. The shelter houses the picnic tables where we placed the feast of BBQ offerings, salads, and desserts spanning 3 picnic tables in length. I believe we used 9 tables total, mostly taken up by the older generation. My direct family and I set up camp outside the shelter under a large maple tree creating a semi circle with our folding chairs. To the right of the shelter were multiple mini grills and a horseshoe pit.

Separating the shelter and the other picnic/beach area is a mini field (overgrowth) to give the renters of the shelter (what I think) more privacy; a little path and a short bridge merge the two sides together. At the end of the bridge you'll find the main area. On the right there is a 2 person swing and a boat sandbox for kids, the bathroom/changing facilities, scattered picnic tables, and to the left is the beach.

Since there isn't a snack bar or vending machines, be sure to pack a lunch or bring something to grill, there are a fair amount of picnic tables scattered across the area with little grilling stations to cook at.

The beach itself is very cozy, the picture below shows just how big it is. Like the Sand Bar the water is very low right now, but usually it's the perfect depth, at about 60 ft you are up to your midsection, there aren't any rocks, few clams, but the seaweed starts popping up at about 75ft out. Rentals are also available if you go guard shack.

In the long grass you'll find openings that lead onto trails, I remember walking them when I was younger and picking raspberries, I'm not sure if the raspberries are still there, but the trails are always fun to walk, they run just feet from the lake through the trees.

Just like the Sand Bar this park is VERY clean, it's carry-in, carry-out meaning if you brought it in you need to bring it out; you're responsible for your own mess.

I declare this state park a little hidden gem, it's quiet and simple where as the Sand Bar is usually packed this time of year, there's usually only a few families at Knights Point, so if you are looking for a nice quiet, non hectic time, drive past the Sand Bar for 15-20 minutes and take a left after the humming bridge (draw bridge). I highly suggest coming here, especially if you have a gathering of some sort, it's one of my favorite places to go during the summer.

Additional info:

  • Cost:
    • $3 per adult (ages 14+)
    • $2 per child (ages 4-13)
    • Children 3 years old or younger are FREE
    • I believe the sheltered area is $100 to rent
    • Weekends or holidays it's an extra .50 per person (children under 3 are still free)
    • Seasonal Vehicle pass-$80
    • Seasonal Individual pass- $25
    • 10 Visit Punch Card- $20
    • School Groups- K-12 school groups = $.50 per person
    • Green Mountain Passport-$2.00. Available at your local Town Clerk's office only.
      Provides free day use pass for life for one individual if you are:
      a) totally disabled due to military service, or
      b) 62 years of age or older

  • Rentals:

  • Minimum rental
    Half day
    Full day
    Rowboats, canoes and single person kayaks
    1 hour
    Two person kayaks
    1 hour
    Pedal boats with personal flotation devices
    1/2 hour

For additional information go to Vermont State Parks website or call: 1-888-409-7579

I was given a 10 visit pass by Vermont Parks and Recreation, in no way did this effect my thoughts or opinions of the Vermont parks I visited.

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