Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nurtrisystem Week 20

WOOO baby did I hit a rough patch, everything was going well until I hit a brick wall of cravings and caved into them. I have no clue what happened, but all of my will power disappeared (I still didn't cave into soda though!). I was eating everything and anything and nothing seemed to satisfy my hunger. Then when I stepped onto the scale late last week and it read 187, I was like "Oh Hell no," I'm NOT going back there again.

So instead of eating a candy bar or some other type of junk food, I've been reaching for cheese sticks instead and it's been working (PS Price Chopper brand cheese sticks are the bomb). I'm happy to report that I'm back down to 185.0, which is 2 lbs less then my Uh-Oh moment from last week and .6 lbs less then my official weigh-in from the week before.

My goal is to lose 4 lbs in the next 2 weeks and reach my 30 lb mark. I was a very bad girl and shouldn't have let my cravings control me like that, in all reality I should have met my mark by now, but I've learned my lesson and the only thing left to do is move forward and try my best. I'm doing this for a happier future and can't stop or give up now, especially with how far I've already come.

Wish me luck and I'll let you know how things are going in next weeks post!

Start weight: 211
End of week 1 weight: 204.8
End of week 2 weight: 202.2
End of week 3 weight: 201.2
End of week 4 weight: 201.6
End of week 5 weight:199.6
End of week 6 weight:198.2  

End of week 7 weight:196.2 
End of week 8 weight: 195.6
End of week 9 weight: 193.8
End of week 10 weight: 192.8
End of week 11 weight: 190.6 
End of week 12 weight: 190.8
End of week 13 weight: 189.8 
End of week 14 weight: N/A
End of week 15 weight: 186.6

End of week 16 weight: 185.6 
End of week 17 weight: 184.8 
End of week 18 weight: 185.6 
End of week 19 weight: N/A

End of week 20 weight: 185.0

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