Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 21

This week I did well, really well in fact. I didn't have any slip ups (okay once at my moms involving Chinese food, but it was mouth wateringly good that day and I paid for it with a belly ache), I wasn't overly hungry like I was constantly a few weeks ago, and I believe my couple pound weight gain from then really woke me up. That little scare has made it easier for me to make smarter decisions about what goes into my mouth; I know it's been 21 weeks of dieting and I should know better, but I started taking the "ease" of my weight loss for granted and lapsed in judgement.

Proving that I have learned my lesson, here is my weight loss amount from this past week: 2.6 lbs, bringing me down to 182.4 lbs for a total weight loss so far, of 28.6 lbs!

Last week I made a goal that I would lose 4 lbs in the next two weeks as a makeup for me going astray and because I only lose about a pound a week on average, I was a little nervous that my goal was too "big," but I have complete faith that I can do it now. I only need to lose 1.4 lbs to reach my set goal (from last week) and only 6.4 lbs to reach my original weight loss goal of 35 lbs, that I came into the Nutrisystem program with =D

Here's a promise that I'll make to you right now. When I hit the 30 lb weight loss mark, I will post a full body before (well not completely before, I'd lost 10lbs at the time I had the picture taken) and a full body now picture. I was going to wait until the end to do that, but I might as well have a series of pictures. Sound good? K, until next week folks!

Start weight: 211
End of week 1 weight: 204.8
End of week 2 weight: 202.2
End of week 3 weight: 201.2
End of week 4 weight: 201.6
End of week 5 weight:199.6
End of week 6 weight:198.2  

End of week 7 weight:196.2 
End of week 8 weight: 195.6
End of week 9 weight: 193.8
End of week 10 weight: 192.8
End of week 11 weight: 190.6 
End of week 12 weight: 190.8
End of week 13 weight: 189.8 
End of week 14 weight: N/A
End of week 15 weight: 186.6

End of week 16 weight: 185.6 
End of week 17 weight: 184.8 
End of week 18 weight: 185.6 
End of week 19 weight: N/A

End of week 20 weight: 185.0
End of week 21 weight: 182.4

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