Friday, January 17, 2014

Free one month trial of Netflix

Get a FREE one month Trial of Netflix 
when you sign up using the banner below.


I LOVE Netflix, I started off with the free trial and once that was done, I made it a recurring subscription. We don't have cable because it's too expensive and it's hard to find shows I enjoy watching, so only paying $7.99 a MONTH for great movies and TV shows, is completely worth it.

My daughter also loves it because there are so many great kids shows, some I had never heard of before Netflix, and she can choose what she wants to watch herself (I have it set up on our Kindles).

The nice thing about Netflix is that you can watch it anytime, anywhere. If you own a smart phone or a tablet you can watch it from those, as well as at home from a Blu-Ray player, PS3, Computer, etc.

Afraid the shows you like are going to stop showing up because you'll have to share it? Don't worry you can make separate profiles for everyone! I have a profile for myself, husband, and daughter, since our tastes are so different.

For the final Netflix can watch it from two devices at the same time. My daughter can watch kid shows from hers and I can watch Family Guy...I mean documentary's from mine :)

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