Monday, January 20, 2014

Orajel for Cold Sores

I usually don't write reviews unless they are company sponsored, but I have decided to write this review because this product is a miracle.

I have suffered from cold sores since I was in middle school, I can still remember how I acquired this horrific virus. I blew a bubble and it stuck to my lips and I rubbed my skin raw trying to get it off, being from a generation that wasn't preaching about hand-washing, I obviously had the virus on my hands and voila, instant cold sores for the rest of my life :(

I have gotten one every year (they stopped for 2 years when I was pregnant and breastfeeding) either at the end or beginning of the year and man do they really suck. They are unsightly, usually painful, embarrassing, contagious, etc. One year in college I actually managed to give myself another cold sore. I had extremely chapped lips and didn't realize I had an incoming cold sore, so when I used chapstick I spread it to the other side of my mouth!

I've tried a few things to try to get rid of them alcohol or some inexpensive cold sore treatment, but the cold sores always went full blown, blister then open sore...big open sore. Last year I ran across a product that I decided I'd try since it was by a trusted brand, Orajel.

The product is called Orajel for Cold Sores, I don't remember what happened last year with it, but I remember that it worked, so when noticed 4 mini blisters start to form on the corner of my lip the other morning, I ransacked my medicine tote like my life depended on it.

What I was looking for was a small one treatment tube. All you have to do is squeeze the tube to break the little vial of medicine that gets soaked into the tip and then apply it to the site of the cold sore. Not only does it treat the cold sore, but it also numbs it before hand, so application is moderately painless. They recommend using the entire dose, but I'm pretty sure I'd have to rub it across my entire lower face to use it all.

The results, after only ONE treatment? The day of application, the blisters didn't grow, but were still there. The second day, the blisters were still there but didn't grow and were drying out. Today, the third day? Nothing, just dry skin, almost like the end stage of a healed scab.  You wouldn't even know that I had a cold sore just a few days ago.

Like I said this product is just a miracle for me. It works, it really truly does, I don't have to suffer from embarrassment of a full blown outbreak anymore. I can catch it in the blister stage, use this, and in just a few days be over it. No more suffering weeks with a hideous, embarrassing, painful sore. From now on this is my go to medicine for cold sore treatment and I will preach it to everyone I know because it works so well and fast.

The cost is a little high at around $15 for two single dose treatments, but I swear to you it's worth it, it's just so amazing and works so well. Think about it this way you can spend $5 on a cheap brand that's not really going to work, or works slowly or you can spend $15 and have it heal in just a few short days AND have a treatment for your next break out.

To reiterate, I LOVE this product, it works (and fast), I highly recommend it, and will be the only cold sore treatment I buy from now on. I really hope this review makes it to a few cold sore suffers because everyone deserves a fast effective treatment.

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