Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nutrisystem-Week 1

I received my Nutrisystem meals in December, but I put my off my start date until January 1st. I wanted to avoid cheating with Christmas temptations and my husband got me a huge bag of my favorite candies that I couldn't let go to waste, so yes I pounded them back while I could.

On January 1st I officially began my Nutrisystem diet at 211 lbs and to be honest it was a rough day. I added too much water to my chocolate protein shake, the breakfast burrito was too spicy for me to eat, the lunch was okay it was Fettichini Alfredo, Cup O Noodles style, I choked down an apple (usually I have no issue eating fruits, but this one gave me a hard time), and I was thinking of what I was going to binge on when I had the opportunity. Things finally got better at dinner, the steak and potatoes were great and the chocolate cake dessert was awesome (tasted like a Hostess cupcake).

So, the first day was the hardest, the entire week I've been tempted (not too tempted, but they were RIGHT there in front of me) by not so good foods, like when my husband brought me home McDonald's because he forgot I had started my diet or when I bought my husband and daughter cupcakes as a treat and they're just sitting on the counter in a clear container. To be honest though I wasn't into eating any of it, I wanted the taste of the food in my mouth, but wasn't hungry or had any desire to eat them.

While I've been sticking to the Nutrisystem diet pretty well, I find it hard to eat all the snacks that I'm supposed to or finish my entrees, not because they're gross or anything (some of them are really good), but because I'm just not hungry, like at all. I also find it difficult to drink 64 oz of water required, I'm trying really hard to drink at least 32oz to start out, I've never been able to drink a lot of fluids during the day before this, so I'm trying to force myself to drink more and more.

Some of my favorites so far are: the Double Chocolate Muffin breakfast, the Fudge brownie dessert, the Chocolate Cake dessert, the Homestyle Beef and Potatoes dinner, the Italian Flat Bread Pizza (omg yum!), and the Golden French Toast breakfast.

Some of my dislikes include: the Chicken Breast, the Tortellini (too sweet for pasta), and the Breakfast Burrito (too spicy). I'm actually not a big fan of any of the lunches, so I've just been making my own.

My favorite snacks (that I've bought) are : Cheese sticks, eggs, raisins, and toast with peanut butter on 45 calorie bread.

So far I am very surprised by the Nutrisystem diet, I haven't really been hungry, I don't crave foods overly much, I enjoy the meals for the most part, I haven't had ANY soda, and I can choose my own snacks. Compared to other diets, I find this one amazing, usually I'm in agony and begging for food by the second or third day, it's been a week now and I'm doing great!

Another bonus to the Nutrisystem plan is that you have an online account that you can access and log your water, exercise, weight loss, what you ate (and it tells you all the calories), your measurements, and it's an online community. I put off using it the first few days, but once I played with it for a bit I realized that it's a fantastic feature and I'm on there multiple times a day.

Would you like to know how much weight I lost between Jan 1st and Jan 7th? See picture below.

Yep, in one week I lost 6.2 lbs! I'm pretty proud of myself =D I'm so glad that I joined this program right now!

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