Monday, January 28, 2013

Vermont Smoke and Cure- RealSticks Review & Giveaway

Vermont Smoke and Cure has not only great products, but great ethics. All of the meat they use is natural and humane, which means that the animals aren't given hormones or antibiotics, they are given ample space, light, and air, and the finished products have no artificial preservatives.

Individual Flavor Reviews:

  • Chipotle: Let me start off by saying I have ZERO tolerance for anything spicy, but I had to try the chipotle flavor for my review, so I sucked it up. The first bite I took was fine, I said to myself, "This isn't even spicy." Then I took a second bite and my mouth was burning and I started having hot flashes. Remember ZERO tolerance, lol. In all honesty the chipotle flavor is probably only slightly spicier then a mild Slim Jim, but tastes a lot better.
  • BBQ: I'm usually not a fan of anything BBQ flavored, but this RealSticks flavor is great! The flavor isn't overwhelming, but there is plenty of flavor to it and it's not at all spicy (well maybe a tiny bite at the end, more of a nibble really), it just has that great salty meat taste that I crave from time to time. I can say honestly, that out of the 3 flavors this one was my favorite.
  • Cracked Pepper: I didn't notice much of a difference between this flavor and BBQ, except for the bits of cracked pepper in them and until you bite directly into a piece of the cracked pepper, they aren't at all hot. Plus the pepper isn't overwhelming and by that I mean it's not so packed into the RealStick that you can't taste anything else, so you can really enjoy your snack. Although when I couldn't tell the difference between the BBQ flavor and the cracked pepper flavor I gave my husband a blind taste test and he said that the one in my left hand (the cracked pepper stick) tasted more peppery then the one in my right hand (the BBQ), so that leads me to the conclusion that my taste buds are broken.

Over All Review:
RealSticks get an A+ in my book because:
  • They are great tasting
  • They aren't greasy (like Slim Jims often are)
  • They aren't dry (like beef jerky)
  • They are Healthier then leading brands (see below)
  • They are fresh tasting (and looking)
  • The perfect snack if you're craving meat or something salty

"RealSticks are a gluten free snack containing 50% less fat and 40% less salt than the leading snack sticks, and at least 80% less sugars than the leading sports bars. RealSticks are low (0-2) carb, dairy free, no MSG, and no artificial anything. No preservatives. Just 2 WW points in each 1-oz stick."

As you can see from the Nutritional Facts Comparison, RealSticks is a great snack option. With them only having 80 calories, 2 carbs, and 7g of protein I don't feel guilty doing this review (you know because I'm on the Nutrisystem diet), I just eat one in between lunch and dinner as a snack and am totally satisfied by it.

For the price you would pay for a Slim Jim or other beef snack, you could purchase Real Sticks here and give your body the healthier, better tasting option.

Vermont Smoke and Cure has also sent me enough RealSticks to send to 3 lucky fans. Use the rafflecopter form below to enter. Two winners will be drawn at random and the third will be the person who sent the most people to the giveaway. Good luck!

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For more information visit Vermont Smoke and Cure's:

The Vermont Smoke and Cure company (located in Hinesburg, VT) sent me their products to try and review at no charge. In no way did this alter my perception of this company or product.

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