Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nutrisystem-Week 6

This post is going to be short and well not so sweet because I'm in a pretty foul mood, with a headache that doesn't want to go away, and the feeling that someone punched me in the chest. 

Week 6 of my Nutrisystem diet became the absolute worst week of my life, to the point where I'd rather be in labor for a straight week having contractions every minute, with no epidural...yeah that would be a lot better then the week I'm having. No, not because of the diet, but because of how things worked out so horribly with life in general.

So, yes, I did give into temptations, I ate Oreo cookies (not a whole bag like I wanted to though) and snacked on a lot of not wise food choices, extreme stress is not fun to begin with, but extreme stress when you're on a diet is even worse, I couldn't find any comfort food to gorge myself with, so I could just slip into a food coma and sleep through all of this mess.

In the end though, one positive thing happened, even though I strayed off my diet a little (mostly at snack times), I still managed to lose weight. This week I lost 1.4 lbs bringing my weight down to 198.2 a total of 12.8 lbs of weight loss, through the Nutrisystem diet program.

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Start weight: 211
End of week 1 weight: 204.8
End of week 2 weight: 202.2
End of week 3 weight: 201.2
End of week 4 weight: 201.6
End of week 5 weight:199.6
End of week 6 weight:198.2

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