Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nutrisystem Week 8

Week 8 of my Nutrisystem diet went well. Once again though I over ate at my moms house, I'm sensing a pattern here. I have like zero will power when I visit my mom, lol. Not to mention, last night I made some banana bread using baby food that was about to expire (I hate wasting food) and have been snacking on that here and there, hopefully my husband and daughter will finish that off soon, so I won't be tempted to eat it anymore.

This week I only dropped about a half a pound (bringing my total weight loss to 15.4 lbs). On top of indulging a little bit, I was also a lot less active, Vermont weather has been pretty crazy lately, so we've been cooped up in the house the majority of the time.

Some good news is this has been the longest I've gone without having any soda since I went to Boot Camp 8 years ago and that was 3 months without it. I've also gotten my husband and daughter hooked on Crystal Light Raspberry Ice drink mix, my husband sneaks it and tells me that the dog drank it and my daughter just steals my water bottle and chugs it, leaving me maybe 2 sips.

I'm hoping Vermont weather takes a turn for the better soon, instead of messing with my head (snows 1 day, then the next it all melts away, and then repeats that process), I'm pretty sure I'm getting cabin fever. I'd like nothing more then to go on a walk with my daughter and burn of some of this new energy I've gotten.

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Start weight: 211
End of week 1 weight: 204.8
End of week 2 weight: 202.2
End of week 3 weight: 201.2
End of week 4 weight: 201.6
End of week 5 weight:199.6
End of week 6 weight:198.2  

End of week 7 weight:196.2 
End of week 8 weight: 195.6

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