Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nurtisystem Week 10

Today marks my 10th week on Nurtisystem and guess what? I'm down 18.2 lbs! I'm so close to that 20 lb mark and I can't be more excited. It's incredible how good I feel I'm able to play with my daughter longer because I have more energy and I'm able to flex and bend more because I don't have as much fat in the way, lol.

My daughter and I do a "flying" game where I lay down and she lays across my feet and I push her up into the air, well a few months back I couldn't hold her up for long and I wasn't able to extend my legs all the way, but now that I've lost all this weight I can pick her up and hold her in the air for quite a while with my legs completely straight and not feel strained in the least.

While it may not seem like much, it is to me because that's one of the biggest reasons I wanted to lose weight, not only for myself, but for my daughter. I want to be a part of her childhood and be able to interact with her as much as possible before we get into those years where she wants nothing to do with me.

This summer if I keep going strong like I am, I'll be able to run around and play more outside without over exhorting myself. Not to mention I won't have to wear baggy clothes and jeans all summer because I'm embarrassed of how I look. I can just be happy and carefree!

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Start weight: 211
End of week 1 weight: 204.8
End of week 2 weight: 202.2
End of week 3 weight: 201.2
End of week 4 weight: 201.6
End of week 5 weight:199.6
End of week 6 weight:198.2  

End of week 7 weight:196.2 
End of week 8 weight: 195.6
End of week 9 weight: 193.8
End of week 10 weight: 192.8

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